"I finished my 5 session and learned lot about myself. It is so validating to hear that my experiences were real. I am just so grateful my journey has led me to Stronger After and I don’t have to carry the weight of the coercive group I was in anymore.

I can live, grow and move forward with confidence and make

healthy choices for myself and my children."

Heather, former member of a cultic organization

By contributing to Stronger After you are helping us meet those in need with life-altering resources. Let's help individuals and families lead healthy autonomous lives.

Having personally grown up in a cultic sect without adequate education and care, Frances, Lee and I know firsthand that the difficulties faced by those we serve are immense. We also know the impact of informed support and wouldn't be where we are today,  without my loving family and friends.


Unfortunately, the burdens of trauma and a lack of effective resources keep most from accessing vital help. We invite you to join us as we begin to fill the alarming gap in services for people who, like our team, were terrorized by coercive individuals and groups.


On behalf of myself and the Stronger After team, thank you for interest and support in our work.




Katharina Meredith, Executive Director