Stronger After provides free and accessible information, support, and community to those who have been harmed in coercive groups and relationships. 

One-on-One Educational Coaching: A free, 5-unit, collaborative program that addresses the unique challenges of life after coercion with tools for independence. Participants can steer the pacing and discussion within each unit.




Virtual Classes and On-Demand Videos:  Free, live classes led by experts and activists within the realm of understanding coercion, in addition to on-demand video resources, which will center on the three focus areas outlined adjacent.



Resource Library, Newsletter, and Blog: A continuously growing library of reading materials, worksheets, book recommendations, etc. to help empower individuals in recognizing and breaking free from coercion. Newsletters and blogs will allow our audience to interact and submit questions.



Community: An interactive, far-reaching web/social media presence that speaks to a wide audience of those impacted and concerned by coercion. Planned campaigns such as “Ask Stronger After” and “In Their Voices” will make our audience part of our public identity and services.