• Identity confusion

  • Anxiety, dissociation, anger, and depression

  • Loneliness and abandonment

  • Feelings of betrayal and loss

  • Shame and self-blame

  • Overwhelming emotions and thoughts

  • Rigid, all-or-nothing thinking

  • Acclimating to new culture

  • Finding housing and work

  • Issues with relationships and intimacy

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​Our coaches created a five-unit curriculum. While the curriculum focuses much on coercive groups, it can be adjusted fit interpersonal violence with a strong gaslighting component. Please read the self-care blog before filling out the intake questionnaire. 

The intake questionnaire will help you better understand your own experience and communicate to us what you need. It includes our privacy and confidentiality agreement. After you have completed the intake form, one of our coaches will contact you to set up your first call.

Remember, this can be challenging. Don't forget to take a deep breath and take care of yourself.


As a participant you will get one-on-one education about coercion in groups or relationships and social psychology (the study of why we care so much about what others think)  - tailored to your experience. You are welcome to ask questions, request additional reading materials, or talk about your own experience. It is not therapy. We highly recommend therapy and often, after talking to one of our coaches, participants are better equipped with words to describe their experience and go on to find a therapist.

Our coaches will respect your privacy, your own thinking and your own journey. You should feel comfortable to ask questions and build on your own experience with the help of someone who has experienced coercion themselves and became a specialist in this field.