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Our classes feature well-known psychologists and experts who are able to reach people across the globe - people who otherwise might not have access to continued learning about destructive groups and manipulation.

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EduCARE is designed to help survivors of psychological manipulation by predatory individuals, coercive groups and unhealthy relationships.

Every year, millions of people are harmed and exploited by manipulators using undue influence. EduCARE combines expert and personal experience and can help former victims better understand what happened and move on.

EduCARE is an Open Minds Foundation program, which has a unique perspective on these problems. This is because we look at the underlying mechanisms used by individuals and groups to influence and control their victims. We teach people how the process works so they can recognize and protect themselves, including how to recognize the predatory tactics and regain healthy autonomy.

We help educate people about the manipulative techniques used in bullying, pedophile grooming, radicalization, cult recruiting, human trafficking and coercive personal relationships.

Undue Influence happens when a predatory individual or authoritarian group takes control over a person’s beliefs, interests, thoughts, feelings, legal or medical rights, possessions, finances or behavior or uses them as labor force without that person’s complete understanding and consent, usually under false pretenses.

Many millions of people have been affected by undue influence. But most are oblivious to its effects in the areas of:

  • individuals being bullied into submission in a personal relationship or the workplace

  • failure to report child molestation to the proper authorities to shield an organization or individual

  • recruitment into hate groups, such as gangs and terrorist groups

  • being cajoled into a high-control religious, political, therapy or commercial groups

  • uncritically accepting false information

  • tragedies caused by faith-based medical neglect

Undue influence is a legal term which has been used in courts for centuries, defining the state of control which exists when a person or group wields substantial power over an individual, thereby inhibiting that person’s free will and autonomy. Institutionalized undue influence occurs when this manipulation has been incorporated and formalized into a highly structured organization that conditions its members not to think or act independently, or in their own best interest.

The purpose of the EduCARE program is to help former members of such groups, organizations, and families by helping them understand their experience and recommending resources. The trained specialists at EduCARE aim to empower each participant to practice critical thinking and become emotionally autonomous.

We teach survivors how their sense of self, view of the world, and agency were affected by those who controlled them and how to learn new strategies in order to cope and prosper.

EduCARE is managed by a group of knowledgeable counselors and psychologists with experience in empowering adults. Some of our counselors were themselves unduly influenced in high-control groups or abused in coercively controlled relationships.

Recovery after manipulation and exploitation is difficult. Many deal with depression and suicide. In other words, this program can help save lives.
Especially adults who grew up in a high control environment need to receive appropriate and specialized support. When a person is raised in a high-control group or an abusive home environment, they must negate their own needs and adapt in order to survive. Under the pressure of undue influence, emotional blackmail and the abuse of authority, they internalize the dysfunctional rules and convictions of their environment. Many find it difficult to find housing, work or engage in healthy relationships.

After leaving an abusive group or situation, survivors need to learn how to function in the larger society, and not be lured into another high control group or relationship. Many need to consciously rid themselves of old teachings, which purposely created fear, anxiety, and us-versus-them thinking, and then actively replace them with a healthier perspective.

We are here to help. 


One-on-One Educational Coaching: A free, 5-unit, collaborative program that addresses the unique challenges of life after coercion with tools for independence. Participants can steer the pacing and discussion within each unit.




Virtual Classes and On-Demand Videos:  Free, live classes led by experts and activists within the realm of understanding coercion, in addition to on-demand video resources, which will center on the three focus areas outlined adjacent.



Resource Library, Newsletter, and Blog: A continuously growing library of reading materials, worksheets, book recommendations, etc. to help empower individuals in recognizing and breaking free from coercion. Newsletters and blogs will allow our audience to interact and submit questions.



Community: An interactive, far-reaching web/social media presence that speaks to a wide audience of those impacted and concerned by coercion. Planned campaigns such as “Ask Stronger After” and “In Their Voices” will make our audience part of our public identity and services.


"Because she has been in this field for almost 30 years, it feels like nothing shocks Rachel anymore. I don't know of that's true, but it's really helpful in terms of feeling safe that you can share things that happened to you and really bizarre belief systems you were taught. And instead of being discounted as crazy, her calm reaction helped me see that the group was crazy, not me."

Alejandro, left a small destructive group with a highly delusional and paranoid leader


"Frances has helped me process and adjust to life after leaving a high-control group. The insights and viewpoints that she has guided me through have been essential to my growth. I highly recommend her counseling services for anyone trying to adjust to living an authentic life after leaving an unhealthy organization."

M.P, born into a destructive group in the US


"Katharina was the first person I talked to after my experience. It took me 4 years to find someone I could open up to. She has a very special way of listening without judging. Every conversation with her filled me with positive energy, even after talking about difficult issues. She has a good background in destructive groups and psychology. Katharina was with me during a difficult time, helping me move on from a negative experience of psychological and sexual abuse towards reclaiming my strength.”  

Julie, experienced isolation, psychological abuse and sexual assault in a self-development group built around a charismatic guru