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““A self that goes on changing is a self that goes on living.” -Virginia Woolf

Katharina Meredith is currently working towards a PhD in Community Psychology, studying the psychology of extremism and terrorism. She is particularly interested in how people leave extremist groups. She is a published author with a focus on outreach and education. From age 10 to age 20, she grew up in a small New Age cult, where she was separated from her parents, cut off from the outside world, taken to three different countries and helped build a time machine. The time machine never worked, and the guru eventually went to jail for child abuse.

She is currently creating a workbook for recovery after group coercion, a book on undue influence and autonomy and a freelance writer on cultic groups and extremism. She offers psycho-education via video conferencing, conducts annual workshops in Atlanta, USA and Berlin, Germany, and is a support-group facilitator for victims of interpersonal violence.

Her German website is She has worked with the Open Minds Foundation, the International Cultic Studies Association,  InfoSekta, the Women’s Resource Center, the Eve Center, and a refuge organization in Switzerland. She does outreach at schools and speaks at universities and other functions.

She lives in Atlanta with her husband, two children, two cats, her therapy pug, and a fish. Her hobbies include eating, traveling, writing poetry, talking to people, painting, and reading fantasy novels.

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