The goals of EduCARE are to help those recovering from long-term undue influence—to feel heard and understood by experienced mental health professionals. We will help you to begin developing the clarity and confidence needed to start living your life on your own terms, being able to overcome some of the confusion, fear or guilt. 

We also provide practical guidance for emotional and social skill building, and help you find resources in your own community.


We at EduCARE are aware that for people recovering from institutionalized undue influence, education and support are necessary to develop healthy personal autonomy. So we start by helping you build that foundation. As you develop an understanding of coercion and manipulation, and its after-effects, you will feel more confident in taking charge of your own healing process.

​EduCARE is here to guide you or a friend to take these first steps.




After you fill out the initial consultation form, we match you with one of our four trained therapists and coaches. You will receive five free one-hour phone or online call consultations, 

providing you with tools to help you better understand how long-term undue influence works and how you can recover.


You can also take advantage of the online courses and additional  materials to use on your own or with a therapist where you live.


Frances Peters

Counselor at FreeChoice, Educator


Director Recovery 

Open Minds Foundation

Lee Marsh

Social Counselor, Blogger

Lee Marsh Recovery

Advisory Board

Open Minds Foundation

Educator and Licensed Therapist 

Rachel Bernstein Therapy 

Advisory Board

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Public Relations, Activist

Marketing Manager

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Katharina Meredith

Support Group Facilitator, Educator

Katharina Meredith

Outreach & Education Coordinator

Open Minds 


EduCARE is focused on helping people who were raised in high-control groups or families. We provide each person with psycho-education and, where necessary, refer them to a trauma therapist. The healing process can be significantly accelerated by providing a framework and words for their experience, and respectful help and expert advice.


We are currently looking for funding to test and evaluate this program. Our goal is to have the program fully running by the fall of 2019. Please contact the Open Minds Foundation at for further information.


"I was convinced when I had left a controlling group that not much was out there for people like me. Coming from a background where cash, resources, and help was limited, I was not sure what to do. I went for a while without talking to anyone about it, thinking that it wasn't necessary, but over time, things build up, my mind went to a dark and lonely place, and I was left facing that fact that I didn't truly..." READ MORE OF HANNA'S STORY